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Millcreek Community Hospital Intern Training Programs

Dr. KalataProgram Director: John J. Kalata, D.O., M.S. (Med. Ed.)
Director of Medical Education
Telephone: (814) 868-8217

The Internship Program at Millcreek Community Hospital is an educational program requiring extensive participation in patient care. It is characterized by a broad range of inpatient and outpatient clinical experiences in the management of patients with a wide spectrum of health problems. The Hospital provides an outstanding educational environment incorporating both didactic and bedside training. The structure of the internship fulfills the first year requirement for each residency offered at Millcreek Community Hospital, and permits each intern to develop his or her clinical skills as new osteopathic physicians.

"Our program trains the Interns to think on their feet," stated Dr. John Kalata, Director of Medical Education, Intern Program Director. "Each Intern graduates from our program with solid decision making skills and the clinical background needed to excel in their Residency Programs."

Beginning with the 2008-2009 academic year The Council on Postdoctoral Training (COPT) of the American Osteopathic Association, in consultation with the various specialty colleges, has mandated that the "Rotating Internship" (with which we are familiar), be replaced by the "Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education (OGME) 1" year.

Specialty colleges have chosen one of three options for this first year. Option 1, the OGME-1R year, designates the first year of the residency and replaces the internship year. According to this designation, the Family Medicine Residency, is 3 years in length, Internal Medicine, is 3 years in length, Orthopedic Surgery, is 5 years in length, General Psychiatry, is 4 years in length, and ENT, is 5 years in length. The first year, OGME-1R, will be the first year of the respective residency.

Residency programs that have chosen Option 2, the preliminary year or OGME-1P, include our Ophthalmology Residency. These programs require the completion of a prerequisite preliminary year, with a designated curriculum for the specialty, before progressing into their residency. The trainee will match into one program that incorporates both the specialty residency program and the prerequisite OGME-1P year.

The Third Option, OGME-1T, denotes the Traditional Rotating Program. This program is available for graduate specialty programs not currently offered at Millcreek Community Hospital, such as Dermatology, Physical Medicine or Proctologic Surgery. This option is now available for those graduates needing a Rotating Internship year prior to military commitments or certain ACGME Programs.

(Back row, left to right) James Pierce, D.O.; Sarah Nangle, D.O.; David Carl, D.O.; Steven Ward, D.O.; Mark Messmer, D.O.; Christopher Walfall, D.O.; Mark Strand, D.O.; Dempsie Morrison, D.O.; Matthew Irwin, D.O.; Meredith Marcincin, D.O.; Sarah Beeson, D.O.; Sean Beeson, D.O.; Dean Shandy, D.O.; (front row, left to right) Anthony Randolph, D.O.; Smith Meads, D.O.; Anthony Colonna, D.P.M.; Wade Jespersen, D.P.M.; John Manire, D.O.; Kevin Keith, D.O.; Rachel Wilkerson, D.O.; Ansley Falcon, D.O.; Susan Mullooly, D.O.; Kristen Heard, D.P.M.; Aaron DeWitt, D.O.; and Richard Nasstrom, D.O. Not present for the photo were: Heath (Matthew) Yanicko, D.O.; Travis Small, D.O.; Christopher Rial, D.O.; Jessica Huerta, D.O.; Douglas Fronzaglia, D.O.; and Kevin Falk, D.O.

Masters of Science in Medical Education

Participation in the Masters of Science in Medical Education Program, offered by LECOM, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, is a requirement of our Training Programs. Residents are required to complete the program, which is tuition free for our trainees, which results in a Masters of Science Degree conferred during the Residency. Residents may be eligible for continued student loan deferments while enrolled in this program.

Fourth year students applying to our programs will still be required to participate in the AOA Matching Program, but will match into the Residency program directly (for OGME1-R programs) or into the preliminary year (for OGME1-P). The Medical Education Department will coordinate the application process through the ERAS service; interviews will continue with the Graduate Medical Education Committee, and selection of the OGME-1 Residents (formerly "Interns") will continue to be made in close cooperation with the Program Directors.

To apply to MCH's Internships, OGME1 Programs, log onto the ERAS Website:

Students need to register with National Matching at:


OGME-1 Stipend: The salary for our OGME-1 trainees is competitive with other hospitals, and varies based on the residency to where the trainee is accepted.

Vacation: Interns receive twenty days of paid vacation. (This includes five days for c.m.e.)

Educational Allowance: Interns receive $1,500.00 for continuing medical education which can be used to participate in extramural educational seminars or the purchase of books, subscriptions or other scholarly materials. Interns take the ACLS Certification course at Millcreek Community Hospital, at no cost.

Membership to LECOM Medical Fitness & Wellness Center.

Relocation Allowance: Incoming Interns are granted up to $1000 relocation allowance to facilitate the move to Erie, PA. There is a wide range of housing options in both urban and rural settings. Hospital subsidized housing is also available. The MCH staff will be happy to assist you in finding accommodations to suit you.

Insurance: Interns receive malpractice, medical, dental and life insurance at no cost. Medical Insurance for the Intern and his family is provided. A pharmaceutical plan allows prescriptions to be filled by the Hospital s Pharmacy at a reduced rate. Life Insurance is provided with a benefit equal to one year s salary.

On-Call Meals: The Intern receives all meals while on-duty and while on-call at Millcreek Community Hospital, at no cost. Their family may join them and receive the employee discount on all meals.

Library Facilities: Millcreek Community Hospital has a well-equipped library where Interns may obtain computerized literature searches and copies of articles at no charge. The MCH Medical Library has an active interlibrary loan program through LECOM, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. Interns also have access to the library at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Other Benefits: Interns are provided with three lab coats each year at no charge.

Contact for more information:

  • D. J. Carl, D.O.,
  • John J. Kalata, D.O., M.S. (Med. Ed.), Director of Medical Education, Intern Program Director,

For additional information contact:

Marilyn Tracy, Medical Education Coordinator

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Intern Training Programs

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