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Internal Medicine Residency

Millcreek Community Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program

Dr. Millie Program Director: Eric Milie, D.O.
Telephone: (814) 868-5481

The specialty of Internal Medicine consists of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases with emphasis on internal organs of the body in the adolescent and adult patient. The mission Millcreek Community Hospital's Osteopathic Internal Medicine Residency Program is to provide Residents with a comprehensive structured cognitive and procedural clinical education, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. It will enable them to become competent, proficient and professional osteopathic internists. The program is designed to provide the Resident with advanced and concentrated training in internal medicine and to prepare the Resident for certification.

Internal Medicine Residency

Program Overview

The Residency training program in Internal Medicine is thirty-six (36) months in duration. The training consists of: thirty-six (36) months of Internal Medicine and its subspecialties, the first twelve (12) months of which may be an AOA-approved Specialty Track Internship in Internal Medicine or, thirty-six (36) months of Internal Medicine and its subspecialties after any other AOA-approved Internship.

Internal Medicine Residency

The rotation schedule includes all ACOI requirements and accomodates sufficient individualized rotations and electives to address the individual learning needs and interests as indicated in the table below:

Specialty Rotation OGME1 Year
OGME2 & 3 Year

General Internal Medicine

4 months

8 months (no more than 16 mo.)


1 Month

1 Month
1 Month
Infectious Disease

1 Month

1 Month

1 Month

1 Month

1 Month
1 Month

1 Month

Emergency Medicine
1 Month


1 Month/Ongoing


1 Month
Selectives 3 Months

Internal Medicine Residency

Residents participate in a multi-million dollar Simulation/Sim-Man Procedure Lab in collaboration with Gannon University, Erie, PA.

Internal Medicine Specialty Track Internship
Specialty Track Interns also complete Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, General Surgery, and Block Nights rotations. All Residents participate in continuity ambulatory clinic at least one half day per week throughout the training program.

Internal Medicine Residency

Residents participate in a variety of educational activities from teaching rounds to general staff meetings to regional and national conferences. Residents also have the opportunity to earn their Masters of Science in Medical Education Degrees through LECOM while completing their Residency training. Regularly scheduled didactics include:
Journal Club weekly
Morning Report daily
Resident Lecture Series weekly
Board Review weekly
Noon Conferences
OMM Lectures monthly and OMM Rounds weekly
Behavioral Science Lectures monthly
Patient Safety/Risk Management Lectures monthly

Specialty Didactics are held in: ENT, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology and Family Medicine.

The Program Director evaluates the Residents and the program by documenting the observance of the Residents' habits, methods, and techniques used in bedside teaching rounds and their participation at educational and business conferences and reviews these with the Residents at regular intervals. Rounds with Clinical Pharmacists and Pharmacy Residents are conducted.

Affiliate Hospitals

Saint Vincent Health System, Erie, PA

Meadville Medical Center, Erie, PA

Hamot UPMC, Erie, PA

Regional Cancer Center, Erie, PA

UH Richmond Heights, Richmond Heights, Ohio

Arnot Health at Saint Joseph's Hospital, Elmira, NY

Internal Medicine Residency

Message From Chief Residents, Farzad Pourarian, D.O. & Anand Popuri, D.O.

We are honored to have been selected as Chief Residents for the Academic Year 2014/2015. It is a privilege to lead and to serve as advocates for such a great group of Residents. We are continuously making improvement to our program. Not only do we have a revised curriculum for the Residents, but we also have a new curriculum for Medical Students who rotate on our service that provides Residents with an opportunity to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired in the Masters of Science in Medical Education Program. We anticipate a great learning experience in medicine, administration, and leadership. we look forward to working with all other members of the health care team to provide the best possible care for our patients.

Internal Medicine Resident to contact for additional Residency Information is:

  • Farzad Pourarian, D.O.,
  • Anand Popuri, D.O.,

Internal Medicine Residency
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