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New Medical Staff Officers Announced

Dr. Lin, President Ferretti, and Vice-President Hansen
For 2013, James Y. Lin, D.O., will lead the MCH medical staff as President. Anthony J. Ferretti, D.O. is the new medical staff Vice-President and Danielle M. Hansen, D.O. will serve as the medical staff Treasurer.

Dr. Lin is a Fellowship-trained geriatrician and the Director of the LECOM Institute for Successful Aging. Dr. Ferretti is an orthopedic surgeon with Medical Associates of Erie. Dr. Hansen is also a Fellowship-trained geriatrician and Associate Director of the LECOM Institute for Successful Aging.

Thank you to the outgoing leadership of: John J. Kalata, D.O., Chief of Staff; David E. Fox, D.O., Vice Chief of Staff; and James Y. Lin, D.O., Secretary/Treasurer for their assistance and guidance generously provided over the last four years.

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