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We love your baby!

The MCH Family Maternity Unit offers unique advantages you might not expect when you are expecting!

Have your baby with all the comforts of home and the full medical support of a hospital. We offer the monitoring and security systems that protect mother and baby, yet still allow family and friends to share the birthing and bonding experiences.

The Family Maternity Unit at Millcreek Community Hospital is the area's only birthing facility built just for new beginnings. Consider the advantages we can offer because of new facilities, new technologies, and the same personal attention our staff continues to provide.

Why you want to consider MCH

Unlike other regional hospitals, which move you through various areas for your labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum, we bring the services to you.

We provide a fully equipped 6-suite LDRP unit for your entire experience in one room. In addition facilities for labor, delivery and recovery, these single family maternity care rooms provide well baby nurseries. The value to you is continuity of patient care, as your nurse knows what you have experienced throughout the entire process.

We provide:

  • Monitored Rooms - provide constant physician communication

  • Security System - assures infant safety, yet allows easy accessibility by family and friends

  • Overnight Accommodations for Dad - in comfort, close to baby and mom

  • Rooming In - so you can stay with your baby throughout your visit

  • Sibling, Grandparent Visitation - for special first introductions

  • Flexible Visiting, Free Parking - extra conveniences we think you are entitled to.
  • We are here to serve you and make your birthing experience a memory of a lifetime.
  • Extensive pre/post teaching on all aspects of newborn care, post partum care, and breast feeding
  • Outpatient antenatal testing and assessment, inpatient antenatal observation and stabilization, intrapartum and postpartum care
  • Care for all aspects of the laboring patient to include Cesarean section assistance, forcep assisted delivery, vacuum extraction assisted delivery, assistance with circumcision, episiotomy repair assistance, and epidural analgesia/narcotic spinals
  • Level one newborn care
  • Newborn stabilization and support prior to transport to a local Neonatal Level II Unit or Neonatal Level III Unit.

Patient Care Services

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