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Senior ServicesA few years ago, as most baby boomers passed age 50 and demands for 50-plus health care began to rise, Millcreek Community Hospital expanded its services to best serve the needs of this age group.

Today, the Hospital is uniquely equipped to provide specialized care for seniors with these services and facilities:

  • Transitional Care. The Transitional Care Unit (TCU) at Millcreek Community Hospital is designed to help senior patients return to their previous level of independence following surgery or illnesses that required inpatient hospitalization. Typical patients may have broken a bone in a fall or undergone joint replacement surgery and recovered enough to leave intensive care. Yet they may still need some level of care before they are ready to return home, often due to other medical conditions or concerns.

  • Senior
ServicesAcute Care for the Elderly. Millcreek Community Hospital is the only area hospital to provide this level of inpatient care in what is called the ACE unit. Staff members are trained in geriatric care and patients are given complete cognitive and physical assessments in addition to the specific medical treatment called for upon hospital admission.

  • Both the TCU and ACE unit are under the medical direction of fellowship-trained geriatrician James Y. Lin, D.O. Across the country, TCU and ACE units have proven to be effective in reducing readmission rates for senior patients.

  • Geriatric Behavioral Health Care. Comprehensive medical as well as emotional evaluations are given to senior patients admitted to Millcreek Community Hospital’s behavioral health care facility, the region’s largest. Inpatient care is provided in a separate, 12-bed Geriatric Behavioral Health Care Unit; a partial hospitalization program is also offered.

  • Long-term Care. Millcreek Geriatric Education & Care Center, also known as Millcreek Manor, is a 50-bed skilled nursing facility connected to Millcreek Community Hospital, allowing for prompt and convenient medical care if needed for long-term care patients or those receiving just rehabilitation services.

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